Automated Data Back-Up

Hard drive crashes, spilled drinks, and accidental file deletion can occur at any time and put your company’s future in jeopardy. It is known that 93% of all companies that suffer significant or catastrophic data loss which results in their business being closed for up to 10 days will be bankrupt within 1 year! Furthermore, approximately 70% of small businesses that suffer from a non catastrophic data loss will be out of business within 1 year. Don’t let your business become a statistic due to data loss. Protect your data now with HDC.

HDC’s secure automated data back-up ensures that your data is always available when you need it. Our automated software will ensure you never miss a daily back-up with daily emails sent automatically to remind you of completed and failed backups. Your data is available, via our easy to use Web Portal, any time you need it. The service allows you to upload any files from your archive whenever you need them. With our file version storage you can keep as many versions of a file as you like, allowing you the freedom to choose what date you want to restore from.


HDC Automated Back-Up offers;

  1. Ease of set-up, operation and data retrieval;
  2. Flexibility to create multiple “child” accounts under global profile restricting individual users to their files;
  3. Convenient web-based administrator portal;
  4. Secured military-grade encryption;
  5. Storage in our own Canadian based Data Center;
  6. Geographic redundancy;
  7. Incremental daily back-up thereby minimizing band-width usage;
  8. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Don’t allow your business to be crippled by the loss of data. Protect your assets and preserve your future by backing up your data now.