Key Differentiators

The fire suppression system is equipped with both ceiling mounted and under-floor mounted sensors and gas distribution heads. In this regard, the Center has been constructed in such a manner that a fire in either the ceiling or sub-floor would be detected and extinguished with little or no impact to the data and hardware contained within the Data Center.

Our trained technicians are available all day, every day of the year, which allows us to provide a 99.99% Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) to small and medium sized businesses.  Our SLA is backed by a no risk money-back guarantee.

Our Internet connection service is designed to provide our customers with the highest level of reliability.    Using BGP routing we interconnect with multiple Tier 1 upstream providers as well as a number of private peering points.   Connecting with some of the country’s largest providers and networks ensure that we can provide you with the lowest latency between remote locations and your servers in our data center.    Our network consists of redundancy at every level.   Each cabinet is provided with two connections to two switches in our network making sure your connection is always available.   The CORE of our network is powered by industry leading Cisco routing and switching platforms; we implement full redundancy on the devices ensuring a failure at any one single device will not stop your connection.

Physical connectivity to our facility is provided via two separate access paths and fiber facilities are provided from separate providers ensuring no one single provider can cause a failure of multiple services.

Ample free parking.

Advanced security including biometrics and remotely monitored video.  The Video Monitoring system can be programmed to send video clips by email, to designated persons during specific times of the day.

PCI Compliance – HDC uses only PCI Compliant software when handling and processing credit card information.   Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provides a set of standards for all merchants and bands that handle credit card processing.   These standards ensure that your card details are stored securely in our billing system as well as transmitted using encryption when our software is communicating with our bank to process payments.