Toronto Teleport

At Halton Data Center, we have established Toronto Teleport to capture the growing demand for satellite based services.

Our 7,700 ft2 fenced and secure dish farm is equipped with the following infrastructure;

  • 1. ATCi Evertz Simulsat C/KU antenna capable of receiving up to 35 C and Ku band satellites simultaneously;
  • 2. Three Patriot 4.5m Prime Focus steerable antennas with a horizon to horizon view of 15°W to 155°W.

With our current set-up, we can provide the following satellite based services to our customers;

  • 1. Satellite Teleport;
  • 2. Disaster Recovery;
  • 3. Third Party Antenna;
  • 4. Master Control and Headend;
  • 5. IP TV Programming Distribution

We also have additional space in our fenced in compound which can be made available for customers who wish to install their own satellite antennas or uplink equipment.

In addition to our secured dish farm, our facility is also equipped with a 200 foot freestanding metal lattice terrestrial broadcasting tower.




For more detailed information please see the Toronto Teleport Website.

Please contact an HDC representative to discuss the various options.