For most organizations, the two biggest factors in choosing an off-site data storage and hardware partner are security assurance and budgetary constraints.  Halton Data Center (HDC) suggests that additional criteria be added relating to a colocation service provider that is insistent on a safe and earth-friendly environment.  HDC provides a clean data colocation facility with continuous temperature and humidity control to ensure that our systems run efficiently.

The N+1 redundant cooling systems used by HDC provide an environment in which the temperature and humidity are consistent at all times.  The use of N+1 redundancy allows our maintenance teams to conduct regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and emergency repairs without impact to the data center environment. The temperature and humidity within the data center are monitored and maintained using a parallel network of sensors located intuitively throughout the center.  The sensor array feeds metrics to the NOC where the information is recorded and monitored for  temperature, humidity and operational status.  The NOC staff is immediately prompted to action in the event of any change in operating parameters or the evidence of other operational issues.

HDC is doing its part to keep the Data Center as environmentally friendly as possible.  The climate control systems utilize technology that allows for cooler outside air to be conditioned and distributed for cooling within the Data Center.  When outdoor temperatures rise, the system controls automatically call for mechanical cooling to maintain a steady environment.

HDC uses the Notifier Platform from Honeywell throughout the facility.

Liebert 24 Ton DSE Precision Cooling System with EconoPhase


Our fire suppression system is maintained and inspected on a regular basis. The gas is a non-residue clean agent that is electrically nonconductive and non-corrosive.  HDC has chosen this equipment to make certain that equipment in the Center is left unharmed in a situation when the fire suppression system is activated.  The system is fully monitored by the NOC, and linked to the local fire and other emergency response services

The fire suppression system is equipped with both ceiling mounted and under-floor mounted sensors and gas distribution heads.  In this regard, the Center has been constructed in such a manner that a fire in either the ceiling or sub-floor would be detected and extinguished with little or no impact to the data and hardware contained within the Data Center.