Connectivity (Network)

There are many reasons to choose Halton Data Center for the location of your business hardware and software infrastructure.  At HDC we are committed to providing safe, secure, compliant and auditable service solutions and value placing the customer first in all regards.  We have partnered with the industry’s most respected tier 1 Internet service providers (ISPs). Our ISP partners include Cogent, Hurricane Electric, Bell, Rogers, TorIX, and Verizon.  Be confident that your business has access to the best multi-homed Internet connection around!

Both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity protocols are provided via Cisco Systems routing and switching platforms. The Network Operations Center (NOC) monitor all systems in real-time.  Alarms are logged, assessed and cleared by trained and certified staff.  Our failsafe redundancies are designed and optimized for 99.99% uptime.

HDC has solicited IP address space from the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) that is used to provide its clients with IP block assignments.  Clients that contract with the colocation center also have the option to use BGP’s if that client has their own IPS stream.  In this instance HDC will redistribute routes to our upstream peers at no additional cost.

Of special importance is the fact that HDC also provides Point to Point (PTP) links to customer sites and major telecom buildings, such as 151 Front Street, using a dedicated fiber ring.

Halton Data Center is a carrier-neutral facility. Our data colocation center is connected through multiple core fiber networks to the extent that our clients have the option to collocate their servers and retain a connection to an approved ISP of choice.