Backup Power


When it comes to something as important as your organization’s data, you want to be sure it will be protected in the event of a power outage.

Halton Data Center (HDC) understands the need to provide 100% uninterruptable power.  Our power systems have been engineered with redundancy in every aspect. Incoming utility power first routes to our automated transfer switch which monitors power level and quality.  In the event that utility power is not clean or is interrupted, the system will automatically engaged the emergency generator.

We utilize multiple N+1 UPS and a 750kVA backup generator such that your critical data and IT infrastructure are safeguarded, even in the event of a major power outage.

In the event of a power failure, HDC’s backup power systems will automatically engage and transfer the load requirements to the 750kVA generator.  This generating capability combined with the redundant UPS, will serve to provide extended continuous uninterrupted power, which in turn ensures the integrity of your network data.  The Eaton Power UPS systems used by HDC will maintain the power supply for up to 10-minutes which will provide ample surplus time for the 10 seconds that it takes for the backup generator to take command of the power load requirements.

Sudden power outages can pose major risks for businesses.  HDC understands that its customers cannot conduct their business if critical data is inaccessible.   HDC has partnered with leaders in the backup power industry and we will ensure that your data systems are operational.