Halton Data Center provides data center services to business
About Us

Halton Data Center is a privately held corporation that is 100% Canadian owned and operated.  The company is located in Milton, Ontario just 30 minutes west of Toronto, Ontario.  Our primary business focus is building and managing colocation and data centers.

We identified a market need to provide  colocation, data center and disaster recovery services, with security, protection and technical support normally only available to much larger businesses, to home based, small and medium sized businesses.  This array of services offered by HDC provides a business segment  with the opportunity to protect their critical data and hardware in an environment typically available to only much larger businesses or at much greater costs.

The HDC facility in Milton provides many benefits to its customers such as stable internet communications, continuous uninterrupted power and environmentally controlled conditions.  By providing these benefits as a cost effective solution to our customers, we are able to help those businesses  save time and budget resources.  These savings in time and money  allow  businesses and their IT departments to focus on better business management while knowing that their computer and data infrastructure are safe at all times.

We understand that not all businesses need or fit in to the same mould and as such we have built our data center in a manner that allows us to be very flexible and to create customized solutions.

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